OCP Gabbaim

Zach Rosenblatt

Hi everyone! My name is Zach and I’m one of the Gabbaim of the OCP along with Ezra and Ariella. I am a Junior studying Biochemistry in the College, in addition to being Pre-Med. When I’m not at Minyan, I can be found watching football or hockey, especially Devils games. I also enjoy food – not necessarily making it but eating it – so if you have anything good that needs to be taste-tested, I’m your guy. I’m very excited to have everyone back on campus and to daven with everyone again!

Ezra Troy

Hi! My name is Ezra Troy and I am one of the Gabbim of the OCP along with Zach and Ariella. I am a sophomore from Kemp Mill, Maryland and I am studying Economics and Statistics. Before Penn, I went to Yeshivat Orayta for a gap year and before that I went to Berman Hebrew Academy for high school. Some of my favorite activities include photography, playing tennis, and learning about sports statistics. I can’t wait to see everyone on campus soon!

Ariella Linhart

Hey! I’m Ariella and I’m one of the gabbaim of the OCP along with Zach and Ezra. I’m a sophomore in the College studying History and Bio. I’m from the Upper East Side of Manhattan and went to SAR High School. After high school, I spent a year learning to play the tambourine and how to dress like an Israeli at Migdal Oz (sadly I lost both of those skills within seconds of arriving at Penn). When I’m not at minyan, you can find me in line to get coffee somewhere around campus or baking banana bread in Rodin. I can’t wait to see everyone around campus, and of course at minyan!