OCP Board

Co-Chair: Yoni Gutenmacher

Hey, I’m Yoni and I’m so thrilled to be spending my final year at Penn as a co-chair! I’m most famous on campus for running the OCP’s first-ever satirical finsta @yoniversityofpennsylvania, which you should follow for some juice and wit. I’m from Kew Gardens Hills, a neighborhood in New York City’s greatest borough: Queens. I spent a year at Yeshivat Hakotel before coming to Penn and now I’m a senior in the College studying English and Computer Science. When I’m not planning or schlepping for the OCP, I enjoy learning Torah, writing fiction, drinking coffee, and spending time with my friends and family (the Gutenmachers!). Can’t wait for the most iconic year in OCP history!!

Co-Chair: Naomi Fink

Hi! My name is Naomi I’m a sophomore studying Psychology and Philosophy with a minor in Urban Education. I’m super excited to be one of the Co-Chairs of the OCP and am eager to carry on community traditions and bring new ideas to the table. (Feel free to reach out with any feedback, questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions!) Before coming to Penn, I went to Fuchs Mizrachi School and spent a gap year in Migdal Oz. Some of my hobbies include walking, hiking, volunteering, yoga, art, and making people happy! :)

Events Chair: Nate Katz

Nate is a junior in Wharton studying Finance and Statistics. Hailing from the Upper West Side, he is a member of TAMID and Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity, and is known for inventing the Cholent wrap at Hillel Shabbat Lunch (RIP). You can find Nate not doing work on the Hillel 2nd floor or the Huntsman QSR, or cooking up some Wacky Mac late at night. He is excited to be back on campus and plan some socially distant events this year for the OCP!

Education Chair: Lana Rosenthal

Hi! I’m Lana (rhymes with ‘banana’) and I’m a junior in SEAS studying Computer Science. When I’m not studying in my makom on the third floor of Hillel, I can be found procrastinating or napping in my makom on the third floor of Hillel. It’s definitely not difficult to find me, so come chat about CIS 240, cute campus dogs, and of course, OCP Torah initiatives!

Shabbat/Holidays Chair: Ma’ayan Waldman

Hi, I’m Maayan and I’m so excited to be serving as the Shabbat and Holidays chair this year, because they are both probably my favorite things about Penn!!! I am majoring in cognitive science, which is basically code for taking whatever classes I’m really excited about. Besides hanging out with OCP-ers, I love finding cool new study spots (hit me up if you have any recs!), doing and teaching yoga, and exploring Philly!

Treasurer: Daniel Shenwick

Daniel (or Shen to some) is a senior in the college of Arts and Sciences majoring in Economics and minoring in Computer Science. He currently serves as the Treasurer for the OCP, but is also the ex President of the Penn Shabbatones (a capella group) and former Gabbai of the Orthodox Minyan. He originates from Scarsdale, NY, but spent a year in Gush Etzion, Israel after high school. Some of his favorite activities include playing tennis, going skiing and BBQing. While not busy with one of his many activities, Daniel can be found taking some of the best naps on campus (if you need advice, definitely ask). Introduce yourself to Daniel during NSO as he’s super excited to meet the class of 2024!

Sophomore Grade Rep: Elijah Magerman

Hey OCP! My name is Elijah and I’m a sophomore studying Computer Science from Lower Merion (suburb of Philly)! I am so excited to be the sophomore grade rep this year! I always like to chat and meet new people. Always happy to have a meaningful conversation but I’m generally very sarcastic! So excited to plan some awesome grade events and meet the incoming freshmen!

Junior Grade Rep: Michael Bergstein

Michael is a junior in Wharton studying Finance and Analytics. Originally from Teaneck, he is a Frisch graduate and a proud Orayta Alum. He likes to play soccer, tennis, and watch stand-up comedy, and some say he is even the most approachable guy on campus. Introduce yourself to Mike, who can’t wait to be back with everyone on campus!

Senior Grade Rep: Micah Gill

Micah is a Senior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying PPE and minoring in NELC. From Los Angeles, Micah attended Shalhevet High School and then Yeshivat Hakotel for a year before coming to Penn. Some of Micah’s hobbies include golf (anything and everything), politics, Kosher restaurant-hock, grammar, and fashion.